Paris with kids

TheBecause I work a lot with children, I can guarantee you there is no age to appreciate a guided tour!

If you really engage the conversation with kids in a museum or in the street, you would be surprised to discover the city or the masterpieces through their eyes.


That's the reason why it wouldn't be fair to restrict your vacations in Paris to Walt Disney and the Eiffel Tower, because you are affraid they won't get involved with what they see.


A lot of tours can be adapted for children. Find below the tours I especially recommend for family trips. 

Louvre Museum

Meeting the Masterpieces

2 hours

Orsay Museum

The Modern Art Scandals

2 hours

Versailles Palace

How Versailles Became a Legend

From 2 hrs to a full day 

Notre Dame

Heart of the City Island

1 hr to 2 hrs

Remain closed until further notice

Conciergerie Museum

From the Palace to the Prison

1 hr to 2 hrs

Paris Islands

An Open Air Museum

2 hours

Latin Quarter

The Favorite Students Area

2 hours

Le Marais

From its Origins to the Present Day

2 hours


Artists and an Art of Living

2 hours

Right Bank Landmarks

An Open Air Museum

2 hours

Best of Paris

Walk and transports

Half day or full day

Street Art

District 13 Best Walls

2 hours

Palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte

An Ambitious Dream

2 hrs to 4 hrs


Meeting the Great Men

1.5 hours

Opera House

Posthumous Icon of an Empire

1 hr to 2 hrs

Special teenagers !

Crimes and Plots

The Dark Pages of History

2 hours

You are confident your children can follow any tour? Just have a look at the other categories