Right Bank Landmarks: an Open Air Museum

Since middle-ages, people consider the city of Paris is comparable to a human body: the Left Bank, traditionally famous for the university and the abbeys, is the brain; the Right Bank, renown for the economy and the places of power, represents the legs, helping the city to walk and work.


The centre of the Right Bank gathers such a concentration of famous buildings an can be explored in only few hours. Each square, each monument has its story, but they also are a properly staging of different regimes.


Standard duration: 2 hrs to 3 hrs

Price: 220€ (up to 30 people)                             The location of hearing system is recommended beyond 10 people

Flat price.                                                            Location: 2€/person for a half day


We will see together: Tuileries gardens, Opera house, Louvre museum, famous squares (Concorde, Vendôme)...

This walking tour shows buildings from outside only, except for the churches


Other tours in the same area: Louvre museum, Opera Quarter, Opera house, Le Marais, Crimes and Plots, Covered Passages

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

This tour is easy to follow for children, it is a good way to discover the essential monuments and stories of the Right Bank, while walking outside. I recommend this tour from 6 years old.


How long is the tour?

If you need a short version (family tours or just because you prefer), 2 hours is the minimum to appreciate this visit. If you are in no hurry, a 3 hours tour is highly valued to go beyond the Louvre museum and walk to: the Halles foum, a nice covered passage, and Ste Eustache church. Maybe even more if time!


Is there a day we cannot make this tour?

No, the tour happens rain or shine. Everything is outside, so no timetable to follow.


Is there a lot of walk?

The tour is between 2.5 and 3.5 miles long. Breaks are possible on the way. 


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible.


Good to know

There are not many free toilets on the way, it is better to keep small change (50 cts, 80 cts) just in case.

Dress apropriately for the weather.

There are drinking fountains on the way to fill a bottle in case of heat. And don't worry: tap water is the most controlled food product in France.