To experience beyond normal tours 

You are curious, sportive, or you love photography... Why don't you choose one of the experiences below to appreciate Paris and its surroundings? 


A trekk in the forest or an evening with the stars, hands-on experiences are accessible for groups and private.

photographiC TOURS

As you can you see on this website, I love photography. And I think sometimes it's great to transform a normal tour into an exchange by practising a hobby together. Less information, more pictures.


Please take in consideration these tours don't pretend to be a photography lesson. The goal is to discover an area with its atsmophere, its history and by the same occasion, take good pictures thanks to my advices about spots, technics, and stories of what we are looking at.   


Price of a normal tour. Please check the Visits section to choose your area.

HiKing tours

Paris is a great city but taking a good breath of fresh air never hurts. Personally, I always like to take a day away, or more, when I travel to discover the countryside. 


Around Paris, there are a lot of fantastic sites to discover by walking. A lot are both natural and historical gems. This experience definitely helps to customize your trip.


If you are interested, please contact me. I will list you by email a choice of sites to tight your expectations :

time, kind of landscapes, level, will to combine with a visit of a suburb site (pictures and examples below)

astronomy : EVENINg with the stars

You like observing the sky and you would love to learn more about astronomy ? It is possible in Paris or its suburb by meeting an amateur fond of astronomy and his hand-made portable telescope.


Due to the lights of Paris, the city only offers a good view on the moon and the planets, but it is an easy observation if you don't want to spend an evening out of Paris.


Yet if you prefer a full observation (planets + stars), I highly recommand to spend an afternoon out of Paris to discover the great sites of the region (regular tours or trekks) and finish your day by the observation.


Olivier is the stars expert. He handles the telescope, the map and all the technical information. I manage the rest of the logistics like food, picnic blanket and the complementary translation.


Warning : The date needs to be fixed by advance but a bad weather might force us to report the planned evening. Full reimbursement is possible until the very last minute for this experience. 


Possible tours of the afternoon: Versailles palace, Vaux de Cernay abbey, Chevreuse castle (pictures below)


You're interested by one of these experiences ? Prices and availabilities by email,

Possible sites of trekking around paris

© Caroline Weber