About me


Caroline Weber

Licensed Tour Guide



Paris and it surroundings

I have always been attracted by the museums world so I chose to study Museology.  I enjoyed the five years of my studies to discover my country - I lived in Paris, in Burgundy, and in the south west of France - and even beyond: indeed I finished my master in Montreal, Canada.


In Montreal I was bitten by the travel bug which led me soon after in London (UK), where I spent two years and improved my English. I finally decided to come back to my home city to be an independant guide. 

Since 2015, I share my passion for Paris and the French culture. I keep learning every day... which makes this job so great!

What do I like ?

Above all, I love travelling! But I also enjoy reading, dancing, singing, taking photos, trekking in the nature... and because sport deserves a good reward, eating good food afterwards. I love musicals (the good ones of course!), world music, street art and artistic spots in general.

I work:

With individuals or groups, children and adults.


Don't be affraid to follow tours if you already visited Paris before: I'm convinced there is always much to discover, whether one visits the region for the first time or has been living there for years.

During my tours, I like talking about:

  • art (what did you expect?)
  • architecture (inc. contemporary architecture)
  • stories: tales, legends, criminal cases...
  • History in general, because the past explains the present time

I also invite you to:

  • look at insolite details
  • discover breathtaking or cozy places
  • have a good break in a nice cafe if you need it
  • tell me if you want to readapt the tour because of the weather, the time, the children or any other reason


For more information about my background, please have a look at my Linkedin profile

Is it important to be a Licensed Guide ?

Of course.  Our beautiful work is officially recognized in France and in many countries as long as you passed the local or national degree proving you're an expert of your region. 


Only licensed guides are allowed to speak in French museums and monuments and if you don't double-check it's the case of your guide, you could have bad surprises once inside. 


Considering outdoor tours, the French law allows anyone to speak in public, and we are proud of this democratic system. But it also means there is absolutely no control of the quality of the speech if you book a tour with a non-licensed guide. Giving tours is my full-time job and I can guarantee you each visit has been duly substantiated.