Louvre Museum : Meeting the Masterpieces


With its 460,000 items, the Louvre is the biggest museum of France.

The masterpieces are recognised all over the world, but does anyone really understand the message they pose?

Why are they masterpieces?


This tour invites you to discover how the Venus de Milo or the look of Mona Lisa revolutionized Art History. 



Standard duration: 2 hrs to 3 hrs

Price: 250€ (up to 6 people)                          Quote on request for larger groups.

Flat price. Tickets not included.                     Please contact me for an estimate.


We will see together: Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Mona Lisa, Medieval Louvre building and many others


Other tours in the same area: Orsay Museum, Orangerie Museum, Opera Quarter, Right Bank Landmarks, Crimes and Plots, Opera House, Covered Passages

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

Generally speaking, the Louvre is for everyone. Statues and paintings tell so many stories that any child can get an interest in it. But the Louvre might also be very noisy, crowded, and consequently tiring for very young children. That's why I recommend this tour from 6 years old.

Please avoid pushchairs.


How long is the tour?

To visit the Louvre entirely, you would need few weeks. Maybe even months. But I am aware it's probably not your plan. A 2 hours tour is a minimum to see the masterpieces and the best timing for family tours.

If you are in no hurry, a 3 hours tour is highly valued.


Is there a day we cannot visit the Louvre with a guide?

Louvre museum is closed on Tuesdays and on some public holidays (January 1, May 1, December 25). Also, guides are not allowed in the museum when the entrance is free: Saturday night openings (first Saturday of each month from 6pm), Bastille day (July 14) and the first Sunday of the month.


When is the best time to avoid the crowd?

The worst day is generally Monday. And the afternoons are less busy than the mornings. But generally speaking, the Louvre is always crowded if your desire is to see the masterpieces. The other rooms of the museum are surprisingly quiet.


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

Yes, the Louvre contains elevators and wheelchair accesses. However, keep in mind the museum used to be a palace. It is an old building which wasn't designed to be a museum at first and wasn't planned to welcome visitors one day. Which means the route is longer and more complicated for wheelchairs. Count one additional hour.


Good to know

There is not much air con in France, including in museums. Don't overdress in summer and get a fan if you can. 

Your ticket works for the whole day so if you want to spend more time in the museum after the tour, feel free to do so!