Orsay Museum: The Modern Art Scandals


Orsay museum is mostly famous because of its collection of impressionnists works. Nowadays recognised as masterpieces, these paintings firslty met the misunderstanding of their contemporaries.


Discovering modern art necessarily means understanding how the artists of the 19th century suddenly broke up with the art traditions. Making sometimes scandals... or surprisingly not!


Standard duration: 2 hrs to 3 hrs

Price: 250€ (up to 6 people)                          Quote on request for larger groups.

Flat price. Tickets not included.                     Please contact me for an estimate.


We will see together: Barbizon school (Millet), Manet, Cézanne, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Sisley, Pissaro, Van Gogh...


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© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

The aim is to understand the scandals. But no worries, what shocked people by the past probably wouldn't shock you today. Moreover, I adapt the tour for children. I recommend this tour from 6 years old. If you come with toddlers, they can easily stay in a pushchair in Orsay museum even if they rarely get involved.


How long is the tour?

A 2 hours tour is enough to see the essential of the museum. If you are in no hurry, a 3 hours tour is valued.


Is there a day we cannot visit Orsay museum with a guide?

Orsay museum is closed on Mondays and on some public holidays (May 1, December 25). Also, guides are not allowed in the museum when the entrance is free: every first Sunday of each month and Bastille day (July 14).


When is the best time to avoid the crowd?

The afternoons are calmer than the mornings. The night openings on Thursdays (until 9.45pm) are generally very quiet.


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

Yes, Orsay museum has very easy accesses for wheelchairs.


Good to know

There is not much air con in France, including in museums. Don't overdress in summer and get a fan if you can. 

Your ticket works for the whole day so if you want to spend more time in the museum after the tour, feel free to do so!

To enter in the museum and avoid the lines,  it is better to priviledge a timing a bit later than the opening or to get an ARC pass, which costs 40€.