Palace of Versailles: How Versailles Became a Legend


Dream of the Sun King, the palace of Versailles became a myth. A myth of elegance and luxury, a place with sumptuous feasts, the symbol of a strong kingdom.


In Versailles, kings exercised an absolute monarchy on the society for one century. A powerful and magnificent century, but which led to the French Revolution...



Standard duration: From 2 hrs to a full day

Price: 250€ for a half day, 450€ for a full day (from 3 to 10 people)              Quote on request for larger groups.

Flat price. Tickets and transports not included.                                              Please contact me for an estimate.


We will see together:  King's Appartments, Queen's Appartments, Hall of Mirrors, King's bedchamber, Grand Canal...


Other tours in this region: Monet's Garden in Giverny, Saint-Germain-en-Laye 

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

The kings of Versailles had strong personnalities that generally make good stories for children. I recommend this tour from 6 years old. A full day in Versailles is also practicable with kids but it's better to not overwhelm them by trying to see everything in one day (see questions below).

Please avoid pushchairs.


How can we go to Versailles?

By cab, private driver or public transports. If you prefer to use a cab or a public transport to meet me in front of the palace, you can find all the information here ('Getting to the palace' section). 

Otherwise I can pick you up anywhere in Paris to help you get tickets and accompany you in public transports or book the services of a private driver for you.


How long is the tour?

The minimum duration is 2 hours, to visit the palace only. If you want me to accompany you from Paris, you need to count one extra hour of transports in the tour. Until 3 hours together, you pay a half day. But if you want to see more with me, there are many options to fill a day of visit in Versailles!


Is it better to spend a full day in Versailles?

If you want to see the gardens and the park, yes. But if you prefer to book a driver for the day and visit another site of the west of Paris, only a half day is possible to enjoy your two choices.

It is not necessary to book a full day if you are not sure of your program. You can enjoy the rest of the day by yourselves: roam around in the gardens after the tour, row on the canal or cycle in the park.


I have already seen the palace/I want to see more in Versailles, what other tours can I do?

I also lead guided tours in the Park and the Gardens :

- Gardens: walking tour in the the Groves, from 1 hr to 3 hrs

- Park: walking tour in the Queen's Hamlet & the Trianons (from 2 hrs to 4 hrs)

- Bike Tour: around the canal and in a part of the Park (from 1 hr to 3 hrs)


Is there a day we cannot visit the palace with a guide?

The palace of Versailles is closed on Mondays and on some public holidays (January 1, December 25). Also, guides are not allowed in the museum when the entrance is free: every first Sunday of each month from November to March. 

The Park of Versailles -which includes the Large Trianon, the Small Trianon and the Queen's Hamlet- is open every afternoons of the year, except on Mondays and on some public holidays (January 1, December 25).


When is the best time to avoid the crowd?

Mornings are very crowded in the palace during the busy season (May to September) but it starts to be better from 11am. Tuesdays and week ends are the worst days for agoraphobics. The good point is: the park and the gardens offer a lot of space and fresh air after the crowd. 


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

The palace of Versailles itself is accessible. The park and the gardens are hard to access in a wheelchair, but it is possible to book a golf cart to see the essential. 


Good to know

There is not much air con in France, including in museums. Don't overdress in summer and get a fan if you can. 

Prepare bottles of water if you plan to spend a full day in Versailles, winter or summer. A hat is always a good idea in summer, especially for children.

The park and the gardens are very very wide, so it is a lot of walk. Just be warned!