St. Denis Basilica: Final Home of French Kings

St. Denis was a martyr who converted citizens of Paris to Christiannity during Antiquity. According to the legend, he was condamned to have his head chopped off... but survived it and brought the head few miles away to the town therefore named after him!


Next to his presumed corpse a basilica was built and attracted christianic people to rest in peace near the holy man. This church later became the official necropolis of the French kings and nowadays displays 70 tombs!


Standard duration: 2 hrs to 3 hrs

Price: 250€ (up to 30 people)                       The location of hearing system is recommended beyond 10 people

Flat price. Tickets not included.                    Location: 2€/person for a half day


We will see together: the architecture, the history of French kings, the royal funerary art and the best tombs

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

This tour focus on history and funerary art, so it is not particularly a tour I recommend for young children. But it is entirely possible to follow this tour from 8 years old. 


How can we go to St. Denis?

By metro! (line 13) The site is easily accessible from Paris and you can go there thanks to a basic parisian metro ticket (T+). Then it's a 5minutes walk from the station to the church. 


How long is the tour?

In 2 hours, we can see the essential inside and outside. If you want a special focus about gothic architecture, 2.5 hours is better. Also, if you prefer I accompany you from Paris, you need to count 30 extra minutes of transports for the tour.  The price is the same for 2 or 3 hours.


Is the basilica still a church?

It is indeed! But the tombs are in a separate section of the church which is handled by the Centre of National Monuments. So the entrance to the church is free and allow to see the gothic architecture. To see the beautiful graves, a ticket is necessary. We see these two parts during the tour.


Is there a time we cannot visit St. Denis basilica with a guide?

The church is open every day of the year. But it is better to avoid the masses time for a guided tour:  9am on TUE/WED/THU/FRI, 3 masses on Sunday. 

The tombs section is closed on some public holidays (January 1, May 1, December 25) and for certain special offices of the church.


Is the site crowded?

Most of the time, the site is very quiet. St. Denis basilica is one of these treasures off the beaten track.


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

Unfortunately, it is not. The church contains few steps the monument can't change (a listed building cannot be deeply altered in France). Though if your disability allow you to walk few steps, you'll be able to see the whole building. Please note the metro station is not wheelchair accessible so it is better to plan a cab in this case.


Good to know

With strong stones and not much human warmth, the problem of the basilica is the cold! It is fresh in summer and freezing in winter. Dress well and take a pair of gloves just in case. 

Luggages are not allowed.