Paris by Car: by Coach or Minivan


If you spend a short time in Paris, you might prefer a sightseeing tour to have a general view of the town, especially if you visit it for the very first time. 

Thanks to a coach or a minivan, we can make a loop and see together the most emblematic monuments of the city.


This tour really helps to get the basic keys to understand Paris: its history, its culture, the evolution of the architecture and to learn about few heads of state who really changed the city.


Standard duration: 2 hrs to 4 hrs

Price: 250€ for 2 to 3 hours / 350€ for 4 hours (up to 30 people)

Flat price. Transports not included.


We will see together: Notre Dame, Champs-Elysées, Arc of Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Opera House, Invalides, Pantheon, Concorde square, Vendôme square, Louvre Museum...

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

It is always funnier for a child to discover a city by roaming around than in a car. Though I can make a city-tour more attractive thanks to small games and more breaks out of the car. I recommend this tour from 6 years old.


How long is the tour?

To see the unmissable places of Paris, a 2 hours tour is the minimum on a normal traffic day. When the traffic situation is bad, we generally need 2.5 hours. In 3 hours, we can add more stops and districts. In 4 hours, the tour includes all the must-see of Paris + a short walking tour in the district of your choice: Le Marais, Montmartre, Latin Quarter, Paris Islands or any other area of your choice.


Does the tour include breaks?

Of course! In 2 hours, only one or two breaks are possible if you want to see everything, but it can be a combined break for pictures and toilets. For more than 2 hours, few breaks are planned on the way: to take pictures, to go to toilets or even just to rest or to get a souvenir. 


How can we get a coach or a minivan?

I can book the services of a driver and his/her vehicle for you. The price will depend of the driver and the timing of the tour. Until 6 people, it is better to book a minivan. Beyond, a coach is generally less expensive than 2 vans. There are few big vans on the market but I can't guarantee the availability of them as they are pretty rare.

If you are not sure you need a transport for this tour, please consider a full walking tour: Best of Paris


Is there a day we cannot make this tour?

No, the tour happens rain or shine. On events days (marathon, car races, etc.), some places might be closed and force us to readapt the tour but nothing impossible. 


Good to know

There are not many free toilets on the way, it is better to keep small change (50 cts, 1€ or 2€) just in case.

Dress apropriately for the weather.