Montparnasse: Overshadowed by the Tower

Montparnasse is mainly known by the Parisians because of the highest skyscrapper of the city. To such an extent that if you ask a native what is the best viewpoint in town, the answer might be the common joke: 'from Montparnasse tower of course... that's the only way to not see it!'


However in the shade of the tower, you can find a lot of hidden gems:  hanging garden, amazing cemetery, famous architects buildings and all the cafes where the Montparnos -the artists of the inter-war period- gathered!


Standard duration: 2 hrs to 3 hrs

Price: 220€ (up to 30 people)                             The location of hearing system is recommended beyond 10 people

Flat price.  Tickets not included.                         Location: 2€/person for a half day


We will see together: Montparnasse graveyard, Paris Astronomic Observatory (outside), hidden garden and streets

This tour doesn't include the visit of the tower. To add the tower to the tour, please consult the questions below.

© Caroline Weber

From what age is the tour recommended?

Generally speaking, this tour is easy to follow for children. Nevertheless there is a lot of walk so I recommend this tour from 8 years old.


How long is the tour?

If you need a short version (family tours or just because you prefer), 2 hours is the minimum to appreciate Montparnasse. But if you are in no hurry, a 3 hours tour is highly valued to see all the secret treasures of Montparnasse neighborhood.  


We would like to enjoy the viewpoint of Montparnasse tower

The panoramic view is excellent! To visit the tower, you need to count one extra hour. Unlike the Eiffel Tower, it is really quick to go to the top but once inside, it would be a pity to not have a look at the pictures explaining the story of the construction. 

The queue is rare at Montparnasse tower but I can pre-book tickets for you if you prefer. Tickets are not included in the price of the tour. Please note a 4 hours tour is 300€ if you want a complete walking tour + the tower.


Is there a day we cannot make this tour?

No, the tour happens rain or shine. To visit Montparnasse tower, we will adapt the timing to the reservation. The tower is open every day of the year, from 9.30am to 10.30pm or 11pm, depending of the season.


Is there a lot of walk?

The tour is between 2.5 and 3.5 miles long. Breaks are possible on the way. 


Is this visit wheelchair accesible ?

Yes, the tour is wheelchair accessible. A readaptation is necessary but nothing impossible.

Montparnasse tower is also entirely wheelchair accessible thanks to elevators.


Good to know

There are not many free toilets on the way, it is better to keep small change (50 cts, 80 cts) just in case.

Dress apropriately for the weather.

There are drinking fountains on the way to fill a bottle in case of heat. And don't worry: tap water is the most controlled food product in France.